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ndx1Gambier, Ohio. A beautiful place, to be sure. But one could certainly say that it is somewhat off the beaten path. As students we managed to find our way to and from that sacred space of learning with the help of friends and the kindness of strangers. Somehow, things just seemed to work out. I think of my own treks from the hill and back again through all kinds of weather with all sorts of characters. One ill-fated end-of-the-year trek with two Bostonians whom I didn’t really know before embarking on our drive in a practically empty 22′ JarTran Rental Truck comes to mind. Only one of us 3 knew how to drive a standard transmission, which pretty much killed the engine 10 hours intoScreen shot 2013-04-07 at 3.58.00 PM the 13 hour trip. And the fact that there was very little cargo meant that the box truck became a sail along the windy stretch of 80

heading east through Pennsylvania. But we made it and we have a tale to tell because of the journey.

So here we are, 30 or so years later, making our way back to

that Hill. We’ll be coming to Same As It Ever Was by many different modes of transportation but we all know that the final jaunt up Wiggin Street will most likely take place in an automobile of some sort (unless someone is planning a parachute jump). Here’s where the kindness of strangers, or shall I say the Kindness of The Best People You Never Met at Kenyon, comes in. Please feel free to share your travel plans via the K80s FaceBook page or on the Ride Share page of the website. Are you flying into Cleveland and hoping to catch a ride to Gambier from there? Driving up from Cincinnati and can swing by the Columbus Airport on your way to Kenyon? Maybe you’re planning to drive from Philadelphia and have a couple of seat belts and a gas tank to fill? NYC, you say? And you have room to bring a keg of beer in your mini-van? And then there’s the “My plane lands in Columbus and I’d be happy to wait until your plane lands so we can share the expense of a rental car.” There are plenty of ways to skin this cat, folks. As was recently noted by Susan M Chrysler on the K80s FaceBoard, “Being Creative is part of Kenyon – like the path and the pole.” Let’s get creative, shall we? See you on the Hill for Same As It Ever Was, June 27-30!

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Martha Johnson

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